Pizza margherita

Difficulty Medium
Doses to 4 People
Preparation 165 Minutes

There are many dishes that are associated with the city of Naples but the most famous of these is certainly the margherita pizza. Many recipes are jealously guarded and handed down over time, but some precautions ensure a good result: fresh ingredients of the highest quality and the right oven temperature, for example.

The secret to getting an excellent homemade pizza? It’s about cooking: have a refractory stone for the pizza to put in the oven!

For 4 pizzas of 28 cm in diameter

  • 400 g Manitoba flour
  • 600 g Flour 00
  • 600 ml Water
  • 70 g Extra virgin olive oil
  • 20 g Salt up
  • 10 g Fresh brewer’s yeast

For the seasoning

  • 1000 g Tomato pulp
  • 800 g mozzarella
  • 2 teaspoons Salt up
  • Basil q.b.
  • Extra virgin olive oil q.b.


For the basic dough.

In a jug pour the water, strictly at room temperature and add the yeast; stir and melt. In a bowl add the two flours and add about half the water and start kneading by hand; add the salt and what remains of the water. Knead the dough until you get a homogeneous mixture and then gradually add the oil always continuing to knead to make sure that the oil is absorbed by the dough.

Transfer the mixture on a flat surface and work vigorously until you feel the elastic and smooth dough. Give the dough the shape of a dough and let it rise in a dry and warm environment: the ideal temperature fluctuates between 26 ° and 28 °. Leave it like that for at least two hours.

Turn on the oven at 250 °, place the refractory stone on a baking sheet and let it preheat.

When the dough has completed the leavening process, sprinkle a large surface with the flour and lay the dough in it; divide it into four delicately and start preparing the first pizza.

Stuff with the sauce prepared in advance and the mozzarella.


Put the pizza on the baking stone and cook in the oven at 250 ° for 4-5 minutes.
Once the pizza is cooked, you can decorate it with basil.