our strength is made in italy

all our products come from Italian cultivations,
produced in Italian plants and respecting
to full the true and genuine taste of our traditions

When a family is born from the love and sacrifices of grandparents, it grows bringing with it life teachings and examples of dedication, capable of living from generation to generation, without a measure of space, time or depth. This happened to us of the Romano family: we carried out the project that dad Antonio had started with his sons Luigi and Felice who, like him, cultivated this same passion with their families.

renaissance chef

love, sauce and fantasy in the kitchen

News & Events

Vieni a trovarci al Tutto Food
il 6-9 Maggio 2019.

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Comicità e napoletanita nel nuovo
spot della Rinascita.

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La Rinascita sponsor ufficiale
del Okdoriafest “Festa della Birra”.

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