When a family is born from the love and sacrifices of grandparents, it grows bringing with it life teachings and examples of dedication, capable of living from generation to generation, without a measure of space, time or depth. This happened to us of the Romano family: we carried out the project that dad Antonio had started with his sons Luigi and Felice who, like him, cultivated this same passion with their families.

Thus, after a forty-year experience with “La Regina di San Marzano”, in 2014 the wonderful adventure of “La Rinascita by Luigi Romano e Figli Srl” begins: me, Luigi, with my sons Antonio and Natalina, strong of a know-how consolidated over time, we carry forward the same spirit of cohesion and family sense that has always given more value to the products we produce. Our strictly Italian tomato preserves are processed with the wisdom of our predecessors, the simplicity of the traditional process and contain only juice derived from the peeled tomatoes themselves. The heart of our company is in San Marzano sul Sarno, in the agro nocerino sarnese, where a careful selection of the best Italian tomatoes, processed immediately in the 24 hours following the harvest, preserves all the freshness, genuineness and organoleptic characteristics. What is most important to us is to guarantee a process that respects the naturalness of the tomato, just like it used to be.